Its what’s inside that counts

Just a look around inside the Pub

More seating stored between the rafters. Three folding chairs circa 1950


Circa 1980 Quasar TV console painted and tube removed to store bar glassware etc.


View from the seats with the door closed. I inherited a red smoking cabinet (circa 1950) from my Mother-in-Law. I call it the “snacking cabinet” as it is where I keep pretzels, peanuts and such for patrons.
Upgraded TV. Thanks Aaron for recycling and donating your TV and wall mount! (July 2018)

Our dog Lucy just chillin’ in the Pub.


Circa 1960’s Zenith am/fm tube radio. Belonged to Julie’s Grandma and Grandpa H.
Circa 1940 Bell System rotary phone.

Old beer can / bottle collection. With exception of the new Falls City pilsner can modelled after the old.
Rum Bottle lit by LED and powered by the solar panel.
Rake end used to hang beer key chain collection
I hung the moon…. In the beer garden. This is some recycled metal from the build that my daughter Jackie painted for a school art project. What better place to display it. I love you Jax.😁
My first craft beer tap handle. Falls City’s Kentucky Common.
Falls City Beer – 50th Anniversary bottle. Donated by a family friend. Thanks Margaret!
Close up of Falls City Beer 50th Anniversary bottle out of the protective sleeve