Party in the Pub

List of happenings at KCPub

1) KCPub Epiphany Party – My Brother Aaron opens the Holiday season on the Evening prior to Thanksgiving Day each year at his place. (He has been doing this since 1992 I believe). This party closes out the Holiday Season on the Friday of Epiphany weekend. Cheers – Brian
1st annual

KCPub Epiphany Party #1 Jan 6, 2017 – very cold at 12 degrees.

2nd annual

KCPub Epiphany Party #2 Jan 5, 2018. Very cold again at 15 degrees. The temp was fine in the shed, just not enough room as you can see. Moved to Chris’ shop for more space.

2) KCPub St. Patrick’s Day Party – March 17, 2018

The Setup – preparing for cool temperatures and possible rain. It turned out to be great weather.

The Food – Guinness Beef Stew, Corned Beef, Cabbage and Potatoes. And beer, of course!

The People – good times with family and friends! Got the T-Shirt to prove it. 🙂

3) Memorial Day weekend 2018

4) KCPub Beer Tasting #1 – November 3, 2018

The setup

The Beer – some examples of different styles.

The people. Back row left to right – Andrew, Vince, Tom, David. Front row left to right – Brian, Mary, Kim, Tony. Cheers to good friends!

The door prize winner of the giant pilsner glass – Tom! Congrats on being able to say you are going to have “just one beer”. 🍺😁

5) KCPub St. Patrick’s Day Party (Second Annual)- March 16, 2019

Here are some pics from the Second Annual St. Patty’s Day Party. Great times! The weather was 52 degrees for the high and sunny. Got down to 30 degrees after midnight, but we were toasty all evening thanks to my Brother, Chris, “bringin’ the heat” with his radiant construction heaters. Had a fire pit on the patio pad and propane and kerosene heaters as well.

St. Patrick’s Day 2019 – a look at the decorations.
St. Patrick’s Day 2019 – ahhhh……Guinness and a pot of gold!
St. Patrick’s Day 2019 – Guinness beef stew on the left and Irish Coddle (sausage and bacon) on the right.
St. Patrick’s Day 2019 – Aaron’s wife, Amy, made a Guinness cake!!! It was fantastic! Thank you Amy.
St. Patrick’s Day 2019 – A view of the setup.
St. Patrick’s Day 2019 – sitting in the beer garden. Thanks again to my Brother Chris for “bringin’ the heat”!
St. Patrick’s Day 2019 – later that night…..looks like some stories are being told!! Cheers my friends! 🙂
Many thanks to my Brother Andrew’s wife, Laura, for making these KCPub logo mugs! What a surprise!! Cheers 🍀🍻