LED Solar Powered Lighting

I finally got around to adding some lighting powered by the sun.

I used speaker wire, 1.2 watt LED bulbs, old soda bottles and some aluminum wire to create them.

Here are a couple of old clear soda bottles my wife had found years ago. One is Bells of Kentucky (bottled in Paris, KY) and the other is Botl-O (bottled in Bardstown KY)
Put in a switch that turns both on/off. You can see the solar controller to the right, but the wire hook up is hidden behind the radio. There is simply a positive and negative terminal supplying the power from a lawn mower battery.
One bottle is in the shed to light up the bar area.
Here is a close up
The other is hung in the rafters of the Beer Garden.
Here is a close up.
Added 2 more LED lit bottles on a separate switch. One to the right of the window and the other to the right of the white chair.
Close up of LED solar powered Rum Bottle
Added a Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve Scotch Whisky bottle as part of my solar lighting. Thanks to my Brother Aaron for the donation of the bottle.

Cheers, Brian